FREE House Clearance FAQs

FREE House Clearance FAQs

What areas do you cover?

We cover all areas in the Tyneside, Sunderland, Gateshead, Scottish Borders, Northumberland, and Teeside.

How can you offer a FREE house clearance service?  

We DO NOT need to charge to clear a house as we make our money by re-selling the contents. We will re-sell and up-cycle items from a house and ensure the majority of what we clear will be re-used, recycled or donated. We can more or less find a home for anything and everything.

What do you donate to charity?

We do a lot of house clearances due to our service being free, so we get a lot of excess/overflow of items that we donate to many charities on a regular basis. See our page (What Happens To Items We Take?)

I don’t live near the property, can I post the keys to you?

If your unable to be present, we CAN COLLECT KEYS from solicitors, estate agents and neighbours or you can post keys to us. We can if required take before and after photographs and email them to you and then hand keys back when the property has been cleared.

Are there any hidden costs? 

NO! Our house clearance service is completely FREE. We use a large luton van and can usually fit the whole contents of a standard three bedroom house into one van load, however if all the contents from the property do not fit into one van load, then we will only ask you to pay the the cost of the recycling fees to dispose of the second load (Only if the second load is unsaleable). We do not charge for labour to fill the second van if it is required.

Should I pack everything for you?

No, our team will do all the packing, it is easier for us if you do not pack anything. Its best to let us empty cupboards and drawers etc so we can separate, categorize, box and sort the contents.

Can you clear a hoarded or cluttered house?

Yes! Clearing a hoarders house is something we do on a regular basis. It would be best for us to visit a hoarded house to make a proper assessment.

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